The Men From D.A.R.T.



We're a VFX & animation facility in Dubai working on international movie, television & VR projects. Western owned & run - we're a gateway to artists from the region. Get the advantage of the tax-free environment of Dubai, the latest high-performance hardware, software, infrastructure & facility at excellent rates.
We assist you and your project from A-Z, whether you need help organizing a shoot around Dubai, art-direction & concepts, or an on-set supervisor to help film. In commercials, TV, games or features, D-A-R-T offers accommodating and cost efficient services. Shoot us an email with any questions.  
Now in our second year, DART maybe fresh but the team is anything but. The leadership holds nearly 100 years of combined experience in film & TV! We work with the best international artists &TDs. The high quality of life, hip environment of Dubai, the degree of our work & central location between Europe & Asia attract premium artists from all around the world.  


We provide character- & concept design, storyboarding, matte painting. Our artists from around the globe form an eclectic group, easily adapting to the required style.



We create visual effects for film, TV & interactive and are happy to work as the primary or outsource vendor. Whether you need a hundred shots for your movie or just assets for quicker turnaround, we'll provide fast service at great rates.



Our animation department delivers massive CG environments, artful props, and lively characters.

We're proud to announce that we've recently started development on two in-house CG animated features.